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So Why This Workshop?


  • The price of this workshop counts toward the price of a one-on-one counseling package.

    • You may like us so much that you'll want to hang out with us a lot during senior year.  If that's the case, then we'd like you to accept this workshop as a gift.


  • The instructors are professional writers and writing instructors.  And you get two for the price of one

    •  With 14 years experience as a TV writer, Joan brings a highly evolved story-telling ability to the table. 

    • Roberta's experience as a business writing instructor and career coach equips her to help students craft well-structured and persuasive personal statements.


  • Timing is everything.

    • Be the first on your block to get a head start in the essay-writing process.  You will alleviate a lot of stress by starting in the summer instead of waiting until the fall.


  • Our unique "pantry" approach

    • Depending on the number of schools applied to, students might need to write a dozen or more essays.  Our workshop participants generate multiple ideas and have them readily available to be used as needed.  Why  reinvent the wheel for each new essay?



Want a more extensive essay-writing workshop?  Click here.






WORKSHOP FEE         $ 175

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