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What Keeps You Up At Night?

As juniors in high school head to the summer before their senior year, and lay their heads upon their pillows, they may have visions of college acceptance letters dancing in their heads. Or maybe not so much. They're hearing about some of the seniors in their school not getting in where they wanted to go. They're being tasked with writing their essays. The media tells them that they should go to the so-called "best" schools. These are the most selective schools in the country. And they're learning that college is expensive. So, as juniors in high school head to the summer before their senior year, many of them are probably not sleeping at all. And the same goes for their parents. Somehow, what should be one of the most exciting and rewarding times in young peoples' lives has become fraught with anxiety.

So what's the solution to this problem -- other than prescription pharmaceuticals? It's simple. Substitute truth for the hype:

  • It's more important to find a school that fits the student than to shoot for a school with a 7% acceptance rate where the student could be miserable.

  • In fact, most schools have acceptance rates of 35% or higher.

  • The truth is, there are a number of schools out there that will meet or exceed a student's needs.

So, get your beauty sleep this summer, and plan on enjoying the ride that is senior year.

What about college keeps you up at night?



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