How To Prepare For College Every Year Of High School

September 2, 2014

Effective college preparation requires that students and parents complete a number of tasks during each of the four years of high school. 


Use these yearly checklists to make sure that you are on track:


Freshman Year


  • Talk about college on a regular basis.   Making the idea of going to college an everyday thing helps students to solidify their intent to go.


  • Learn about college finance.  Kids and parents should be clear on how college will be financed long before the tuition bill arrives.  Savings, loans, scholarships, and summer job wages can all be part of the equation.


  • Begin to assess student interests and learn how to match them up to potential majors and careers.  Connecting the present to the future doesn’t come naturally to most teenagers.  Starting early will give more meaning to the college application process.


  • Make an academic plan.  Students need to be aware of what courses they are required to take, not just to graduate high school, but to be accepted to college.


  • Visit a local college or two.  Nothing makes the idea of college clearer than boots on the ground.  Students need to see and feel the world they’re targeting.