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UC Streamlines Transfer Process

In an attempt to simplify the transfer process, the University of California has introduced Transfer Pathways, an "academic roadmap" for California Community College students who plan to transfer to the University of California. Transfer Pathways detail a set of community college courses that will prepare students for particular majors at the University of California and help them graduate within two years after transfer. Initially, UC will provide pathways for 10 majors: anthropology, biochemistry, biology, cell biology, chemistry, economics, mathematics, molecular biology, physics, and sociology. Pathways for additional majors will be announced in the near future. The creation of Transfer Pathways will come as welcome news to the many students who are confused about how to efficiently prepare to enter upper division courses in their major after transfer. And because the pathways are intended to help students graduate within two years of transferring, parents will benefit financially from not having to pay additional years' tuition. Pathways for eleven additional popular majors will be announced later this year. Once introduced, the 21 pathways will include the majors of two-thirds of all transfer applications UC receives.

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