15 Ways to Spend Summer 2016

February 25, 2016



Many colleges offer special summer programs on their campuses for high school students.  These programs allow students to explore a topic or activity of interest and experience life on a college campus. 
College admissions officers look favorably on students who engage in
meaningful activities outside of the classroom, and pre-college programs offer a diverse selection of experiences.  While it’s always a good idea to take advantage of summer break to explore and deepen interests, it’s particularly important that students plan to make the summer between junior and senior year a productive one. 
Summer enrichment programs vary by subject, length, and price.  (Some of them even offer financial aid, so check it out.) What follows are a few that have captured our imagination; they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Mini Medical School
University of Rochester
July 11-29
Application deadline:  April 1
Georgetown University
June 19-25 or July 24-30
Application deadline:  Rolling

Leadership/Professional Communication
Claremont McKenna College
July 9-16
Application deadline:  May 20

Summer Art Institute

July 5-15 or July 18-29
Application deadline:  April 1

Young Women’s Leadership Institute 
Barnard College
June 25-July 6
Application deadline: Rolling


 Cal Arts
July 9-August 5
Application deadline:  February 29
Young Writers Workshop

Denison University
June 12-19
Application deadline:  March 6
Carnegie Mellon
June 25-August 6
Application deadline:  April 1