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1-on-1 Consulting

Helping students prepare for the first stage of their adult lives is both a privilege and a responsibility we take to heart.  Working as partners with our clients and their parents, we customize our services to meet the specific needs and goals of each student.  


College Fit 360 offers a full range of college admissions consulting services to both high school students and college transfer students, including assistance with:


  • Interest/career assessments

  • Career/major exploration

  • Determining college needs and preferences

  • College research and list-building

  • Academic planning

  • Extra-curricular planning

  • Summer enrichment

  • Test prep strategy

  • Essay development

  • College visit planning

  • College interview preparation

  • Securing recommendations

  • Application completion

  • Financial aid

  • Evaluation of college offers

  • Transfer planning

  • Gap year planning

  • Meeting key deadlines

  • Sanity maintenance


Our services are available in three ways, to fit the needs of each student and family:

  • Hourly (with a 4-hour minimum)


  • 20-Hour Package (discounted hourly rate)


  • Unlimited Package



We are based in Los Angeles, and work with clients locally, throughout the country, and internationally.  Meetings are held in-person, and via Skype, telephone, and email.


Contact us to schedule a free consultation.


How Can We Help?



Why Hire A College Admissions Consultant?


Most high schools have one or more college counselors.  Unfortunately, they typically carry caseloads that don't allow for much one-on-one attention to individual students.  Having a professional devoted to the needs of an individual student can make an enormous difference in terms of the stress-level and success of the college exploration and application process. 


As fit-focused college admissions consultants, we appreciate each student's uniqueness.  We customize everything we do in order to address the needs of each individual we work with.


There are three major areas in which we provide counsel: 


  • Helping each student become aware of his/her interests and goals

  • Uncovering and exploring potential college choices that fit each student's individual needs, preferences, and strengths

  • Working with each student to put together the strongest application packages possible


Ideally, the college admissions consulting process should begin before a student enters high school. Having an understanding of what colleges will be looking for, helps students and their parents create academic, extracurricular, and financial plans that reduce stress and ensure wise choices will be made along the way.


As a student progresses through high school, his or her counseling needs become more specific.  During these years, we help students understand themselves and start to think about the kind of futures they want.  Based on those desires, we lead them step-by-step through the college admissions and decision-making processes and the myriad details they entail. 


Particularly today, there are many good reasons to start college at a two-year school with the goal of transferring to a four-year institution.  Transferring to a four-year college is very different than admittance from high school.  It's essential to put a plan in place as early as possible, in order to make a smooth and successful transition.  If you're a student planning to transfer, we can help you navigate every step of the process.




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