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Roberta Lachman
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Partner, Counselor

College Counseling Certificate, UCLA Extension
Roberta has spent her career helping others create great futures.  Her approach is encouraging and optimistic.  She believes that if you're open to new ideas and willing to do the work, you can reach almost any goal.


Her expertise is in the areas of college admissions consulting, career coaching, and personal/professional development.  Her mission is to use her broad skill set in service of high school and college students, assisting them in moving toward, and taking their seats at, the grown-ups' table. 

Roberta is a big fan of mid-century modern, milk chocolate, short stories, and disco. She includes among her greatest achievements getting her own child successfully through the college admissions process--and living to tell about it.

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Joan B. Weiss
Partner, Counselor

BA, Yale
MBA, Columbia
College Counseling Certificate, UCLA Extension

Joan embraces pipe dreams and has taken calculated risks throughout her life to make them a reality. The results have given her the strength to face new challenges that come her way.   Joan’s greatest gift to clients is to foster self-belief and a willingness to bet on themselves.


Before becoming a college counselor, Joan was successful in a variety of spheres including marketing, financial services and television writing. These experiences help her give students a broad perspective on what’s ahead.  She strongly encourages kids to see college, not as an end goal, but as the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning.

On the "other skills" portion of her resume, Joan lists her award-winning rugelah recipe, killer serve, and attempts at playing the ukulele.  She has a son studying tech repair while minoring in continuing not to listen to her.

Who we are
We feel privileged to play a small part in helping students successfully move forward on the path from adolescence to independence. We know that this is a critical juncture in a person's life and take our role seriously.  While the college admissions process is long, complex, and stressful, we do everything we can to make students feel encouraged, empowered, and excited as they complete this trek. We care about every student we work with, and it shows.
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