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March 2021

January 2021

December 2020

Pandemic Quick Blasts

October 2019

  • The Wide World of College Sports

  • College Terms That You Don't Quite Understand

  • Show Me:  How to Write Your College Essay

  • SAT/ACT Score Reporting

  • What's the CSS?

maY 2019

  • Getting California Kids into California Colleges

  • Balancing Your College List

  • How to Help Your Child Transition to College
  • "I Have NOTHING to Write About":  The Tyranny of the College App Essay

march 2019

  • The Accommodations Curse

  • Understand Your Financial Aid Package

  • Questions to Answer in College Research
  • Summer Plans for Rising Seniors

  • The ABCs of A-G

November 2018

  • Tragedy as Essay Fodder

  • Why Do You Want to Attend That College?

  • When Should You Include Additional Info?

  • Making Summer Plans

October 2018

  • Should You Apply Early?

  • What Fine and Performing Artists Need to Know About Applying to College

  • Are All College Application Essays the Same?  (Spoiler Alert:  NO!)

  • Getting the Best Letters of Rec

  • What Are Extracurriculars and Why Do They Matter?

  • Guess Who Went to Cal State

May 2018

  • What's a College Internships and Why Do You Want One?

  • Beyond the Parties:  How Greek Life Pays Off

  • If You Plan to Transfer From a Community College, You Need a Transfer Plan

  • The How and Why of Getting Yourself Out There

  • 5 Ways to Do Professionalism

March 2018

  • College Access for First Generation Students

  • Consider the Edelweiss Factor in Building a College List

  • It's Worth the Wait

  • What to do in College to Help You Snag a Job Once You're Out

  • 6 Cool Things You Didn't Know About ASU

  • So Much for a Useless Degree

  • Being There:  The Importance of Just Showing Up

  • A Different Angle on Well-Rounded Students

December 2017

  • Grit: The Skill That's Not Being Taught

  • December To-Do List for Juniors

  • 10 Smart Questions to Ask a College Admissions Officer

  • What Can You Do With a Degree in English?

  • How to Get Noticed by a College Admissions Officer

August 2017

  • Surprisingly Rad Essay Topics

  • Six Tips for Getting Your First Real Job

  • The Secret Sauce that Employers are Seeking

  • Get Adjusted to Adjusting

  • New and Improved CSU Application

August 2017

  • New BFA at USC.  OMG!

  • Carrying the Wait of the World

  • Gap Year:  The Pause that Refreshes

  • Why WPI?

  • Sports Management?  There's a Program for That!

  • Summer Without a Trust Fund

  • SAT News

February 2017

  • The 411 on Applying to Arts Programs

  • Sending Your LGBTQ Kid Off to College

  • Get to Know Syracuse

  • No Test Required

  • What Goes Up?  UC Tuition

  • So You Wanna be an Entrepreneur?

  • A Medium-Sized School in New York:  West Point

December 2016

  • Oops, I Forgot to Apply

  • Stuck in AP Muck

  • Last Sprint for Seniors

  • But is it a Good School?

  • How Juniors Should Spend Their Winter Break

July 2016

  • How Many Colleges Should Students Apply to

  • Remember the Reader of the College App Essay

  • Sobering Facts About College Sobriety

  • The Fast Track to an M.D.

  • Big (Big!) FAFSA Changes

  • Better Safe Than Sorry

June 2016

  • Beyond Academics:  The Practical Side of Getting Your Kid Ready for College

  • Vetting Your College List for Academic-Fit Schools

  • A Game Plan for the New UC Essays

  • Breathe Deeply.  Exhale.  Repeat.

April 2016

  • When Not Getting Into Your Major Means Not Getting Into College

  • How to Work a College Fair

  • 3 Ways (That Never Crossed Your Mind) to Get a Good College Deal

  • RIP UC Prompts

March 2016

  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

  • Heard About the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success?

  • Peeling the College Onion

  • A California College Guide for the B- Student

February 2016

  • How to Choose Between Multiple College Acceptances

  • 5 Questions to Ask on a College Tour

  • 15 Way Cool Summer Programs for High School Students

  • Schools to Consider if You're Looking for...

January 2016

  • When it Comes to College, Size Matters

  • Spotlight on Berkeley

  • The FAFSA:  Fast Facts for Seniors

  • And More About Money

  • ACT Test Dates

October 2015

  • The Six-Year Four-Year Degree

  • College Advice for Digital Natives

  • How to Know if Your Student on the Spectrum is Ready for College

  • Trinity College Goes Holistic-er

September 2015

  • Organizational Tips for Seniors

  • College Financial Aid by the Numbers

  • One Very Cool Thing You Don't Know About Hampshire College

  • To Add or Not to Add?  That is the Question.

  • The Object is Not Getting In, But Getting Out

August 2015

  • California Colleges by the Numbers

  • UC Streamlines Transfer Process

  • UC's Evaluation Criteria

  • 12th Grade Checklist

  • Topics to Avoid in the Personal Statement

July 2015

  • Colleges for Kids on the Spectrum

  • 6 Cool Things About Sarah Lawrence

  • So Much for a Liberal Arts Degree

  • College By the Numbers

June 2015

  • Why to Choose an "Impractical" Major

  • The Class of 2017's Standardized Testing Dilemma

  • College Selectivity Stats

May 2015

  • A Cool College You Know Nothing About

  • What is a Balanced College List?

  • College by the Numbers

  • 2015-2016 Common App Essay Prompts

  • Summer Enrichment Programs

March 2015

  • Cool Programs at Schools You Know Nothing About

  • The New (and Improved?) SAT

  • Ten Tips for Writing a Killer College App Essay

February 2015

  • 10 Things Juniors Should be Doing Right Now

  • Suddenly...Next Summer

  • Accomodations for Test-Takers

  • Free Money

January 2015

  • Financial Aid for Middle-Income Families

  • What's in a Name?

  • Free Money

November 2014

  • Colleges Want You to Like Really, Really Like Them

  • Scholarship Search

  • The Perfect Field Trip for Freshmen and Sophomores

September 2014

  • Fall To-Do List for College-Bound Seniors

  • Performing Arts Scholarships

  • UC, CSU, and A-G


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