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Joan B. Weiss

College Admissions Consultant, Partner

BA     Yale University

MBA  Columbia  University

Joan received her college counseling training at UCLA. She has worked onsite at High Tech - Los Angeles, one of the premier charter high schools in California, counseling juniors and seniors. She has also worked in marketing and as a professional television writer. She brings a unique set of skills to the college counseling process.


Joan is known for many things, including her award-winning rugelah  recipe, killer serve, and mind-blowing Jerry Lewis impersonation.

Our Team

  Bruce Jacobs

      Essay Advisor


BA   Ohio State University

MA  Ohio State University

Bruce works both as a professional writer, and a writing instructor.  He has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites, done technical writing, and penned both screenplays and theatrical plays.  He is an instructor in the English Department at El Camino College-Compton.


In his spare time, he enjoys drinking too many cups of coffee and explaining the difference between who and whom.

Roberta Lachman

College Admissions Consultant, Partner


Roberta has spent most of her career as a coach, trainer, and teacher, helping people reach their professional and personal potential.  Trained in college counseling at UCLA, her mission, at this stage of the game, is to use her expertise in service of high school and college students (and their beleagured parents)--helping the former figure out who they are, what they want and need, and how to get it.  


Roberta counts among her favorite peeps, a bona fide high school student who, when she’s not Instagramming what she had for lunch or hating everything Roberta likes, sulks in the bedroom across the hall.

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