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Going to college today is complicated and what you hear can make you anxious.  It seems like you have to have a 4.0 and a Nobel Prize in order to get accepted anywhere.  And how does anyone pay for it?

Having a professional devoted to the needs of an individual student can make an enormous difference in terms of the stress-level and success of the college exploration and application process. We help 9th-12th grade students become college-ready, then lead them step-by-step through the college admissions process. And, since transferring to a four-year college is very different than applying from high school, we help transfer students put plans in place as early as possible in order to make smooth and successful transitions. For those who are looking to move beyond an undergraduate education, we guide them through applying to graduate school.


We work with clients locally, nationally, and internationally, in-person and via virtual meeting technology.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation.


High School Students
Transfer Students
Graduate Students



Ideally, the college admissions consulting process begins before a student enters high school.  Having an understanding of what colleges will be looking for, helps students and their parents create academic, extracurricular, and financial plans that reduce stress and ensure wise choices will be made along the way.


As a student progresses through high school, their counseling needs become more specific.  During these years, we help students understand themselves and start to think about the kind of futures they want.  Based on those goals, we lead them step-by-step through the college admissions and decision-making processes and the myriad details they entail.  We advise students and families in the following areas:



Contact us to schedule a free consultation.



Transfer Students


Particularly today, there are plenty of good reasons for students to start college at a two-year school and transfer to a four-year institution later. But the admissions process for transfer students is very different from that of students applying out of high school.  Further, many community colleges have experienced cutbacks resulting in fewer class offerings, making it more challenging to transfer within two years.  Making a plan early is essential to ensuring a smooth and successful transition. We can help with:



We would love to guide you through a successful, low-stress process.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation.




GRADUATE school applicants


There are many different options for post grad study and as many ways to go about applying.  Whether getting a Phd in Physics, going to Law School, Med School, Business School, Film School, or any other specialized program, putting together a compelling application, which may also include a creative portfolio, is essential.  We can help with:


  • Program Selection (Finding your best-fit schools and programs)

  • Understanding Course Requirements and Deadlines (Every program is different)

  • Creating a Portfolio (How to stand out)

  • Strategies for Standardized Test Taking (GMAT, LSAT, GRE, etc.)

  • Securing Letters of Recommendation (Who and how to ask)

  • Essay Development (What are admissions officers really looking for?)


Taking this major step after completing an undergraduate education can be daunting.  We can help make it manageable.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation.



We provide college consulting services for organizations as well as individuals.  Click below for more info.

High School Students
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