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H.S. Students:  Why Listen To Us?


You're approaching a complicated time in your life. Applying to college is one of those BIG MOMENTS - full of tough decisions that seem impossible to make.


To make it worse, there's a lot of noise out there about which schools are good and which are...not so much.  The truth is, a school is good if it meets your specific academic, emotional and social needs. If it fits. Extra added bonus truth: there are many schools out there where you will get a good education AND find your perfect fit.


At College Fit 360, we are college admissions consultants who will look at you as the unique individual that you are.  It's our job to get a full picture of you -- your needs, wants, preferences--from you. We will use that information to guide you through the college exploration, application, and decision-making process. We will be your partner in finding and helping you present yourself in a compelling way to the schools that are the best fit for you. We'll hold your hand (or just sit at a respectful distance) as you lead the way, turning this process into a rewarding and, maybe even fun, journey.

                 How Can We Help?


College Fit 360 offers a full range of college admissions consulting services, including assistance with:


  • Assessments

  • College list building

  • Applications

  • Financial aid

  • Essays

  • College visits

  • College interviews

  • Academic planning

  • Extra-curricular planning

  • Recommendations

  • Summer enrichment

  • Test prep

  • Meeting key deadlines

  • Evaluation of college offers

  • Sanity maintenance


We are based in Los Angeles, but are available to work with you via Skype, email, phone or any other communication device that may be invented in the next 15 minutes.


We can customize a package to meet the specific needs of each student.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation.





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