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From here to autonomy.

What we do

Is it just us, or has the road from adolescence to independence become really, really, (really) long? Young people have a lot of hurdles to jump between high school and, um, life. Gen Z's have grown up in a period of unprecedented change. The path to and through higher education is more complicated than ever, and job search has been turned on its head. Yikes! How's a young adult to launch?


In crafting our services, we've kept the long game in mind. Our mission is to make young people successful in getting to college and through college, with the goal of moving into careers they actually like, and establishing themselves as full-fledged, blissfully independent adults. 


It's a steep climb to self-reliance--you look like you could use a sherpa! Check out our services and areas of expertise. Then keep calm and schedule a free consultation.

What people say

“I'm excited to let you know that I was accepted EA into Harvard!!! Thank you so much for your guidance and support throughout the college admissions process. I am super grateful to have worked with you. Your help made the process less stressful and much more manageable.”


Harvard University, Class of 2026

"I cannot express how grateful I am for all your help these past few years. College is a huge decision and I truly believe that I am making the best decision for myself--all thanks to you! Thank you for always being just an email away and spending so much time helping me..."

Seattle University, Class of 2025

"Thanks again for all your brilliant help and guidance.  This process is insanely overwhelming and we never would have been able to navigate it without you."

Lynn, Mother of Lucy
Whitman College, Class of 2022

“I have been accepted into Yale University with a full-ride! I want to genuinely thank you for all your support and for all the time you spent reading and commenting on my writing. I can't grasp the joy I am in right now, but I know I wouldn’t be here without your support. Thank you for all you do.”


Yale University, Class of 2026

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