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We stay with our students after they've gotten to college to guide them through the next key stages of their lives.  Adjusting to and successfully navigating college, making the transition from college to the career force, and building the soft skills that are essential in the modern workforce are all areas in which we provide support. Nothing pleases us more than to help young people move successfully into adulthood.

College Success Coaching

It's all about getting into college, right?  Wrong!  Once they move on to college, students have unfamiliar terrain to navigate and a new set of goals to achieve.  College success coaching helps students maximize their college experience and create and capitalize on opportunities that will prepare them for graduate school and/or the 21st century workplace. Click here for more.

Having a college degree is no longer a guarantee of getting a good--or any--job. Responding to job ads, so 20th century.  Today's path to gainful employment is a whole new deal.  We help illuminate modern job search strategies and build the skill-set that employers are seeking.  Click here for more.

College-to-Career Strategies

21st Century Workplace Skill-Building

Sure, computer programmers need to know how to write code and dentists have to be handy with a drill, but today everyone needs the same soft skills in order to succeed in school, the workplace, and life. What are soft skills, you ask?  They're the traits and abilities we need to play well with others, do our work effectively, and positively shape the way people perceive us.  We can help you be more successful in every area of your life by working with you to build these skills.  Click here for more.

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