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We've seen many students struggle in making the transition to college.  With so many changes all at once, it's not hard to understand.  The sudden responsibility for managing their day-to-day lives is something many are not adequately prepared for.  For students who might have gotten by on their smarts alone in high school, keeping up with a more rigorous curriculum can be a struggle. And then there are the social aspects of integrating into a whole new

environment--challenging, at best.


Students need to maintain focus on two specific goals during their years in college.  First, to get out--graduate, that is, and hopefully within four years.  Second, to gain the skills and experience that they will need in order to be either prepared for graduate school or employable once they graduate.  In order to accomplish those things, students need to learn to manage their academic and personal lives, and strategically plan their path to the future. 


We work with students one-on-one, helping them navigate their current academic, social, and emotional terrain and pro-actively prepare themselves for eventual workplace success.  Specifically, we assist in areas including:


  • Troubleshooting Transition Issues

  • Course Selection

  • Dealing with Academic Challenges

  • Coping with Setbacks

  • Helping with Time Management and Organization

  • Improving Social Interactions

  • Resources for Mental/Health Care

  • Getting Support for Learning Differences or Special Needs

  • Creating Self-Care Habits

  • Finding School/Life Balance

  • Long-Term Career Planning

  • Developing a Professional Network

  • Building Soft Skills

  • Creating Internship and Work-Experience Opportunities

  • Preparing for Graduate/Professional School


We'd love to help you maximize your college experience.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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