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How We Can Help

Is it just us, or has the road from adolescence to independence become really, really, (really) long?   Young people have a lot of hurdles to jump between high school and, um, life.  Millenials and Gen Z's have grown up in a period of unprecedented change.  The path to and through higher education is more complicated than ever, and job search has been turned on its head. Yikes!  How's a young adult to launch?


In crafting our services, we've kept the long game in mind.  Our mission is to make people successful in getting to college and through college, moving into careers they actually like, and establishing themselves as full-fledged, blissfully independent adults. 


It's a steep climb to self-reliance--you look like you could use a sherpa! Check out our four areas of expertise below. Then keep calm and schedule a free consultation.

Having a college degree is no longer a guarantee of getting a good--or any--job. Responding to job ads, so 20th century.  Today's path to gainful employment is a whole new deal.  We help illuminate modern job search strategies and build the skill-set that employers are seeking.  Click here for more.


Sure, computer programmers need to know how to write code and dentists have to be handy with a drill, but today everyone needs the same soft skills in order to succeed in school, the workplace, and life. What are soft skills, you ask?  They're the traits and abilities we need to play well with others, do our work effectively, and positively shape the way people perceive us.  We can help you be more successful in every area of your life by working with you to build these skills.  Click here for more.


It's all about getting into college, right?  Wrong!  Once they move on to college, students have unfamiliar terrain to navigate and a new set of goals to achieve.  College success coaching helps students maximize their college experience and create and capitalize on opportunities that will prepare them for graduate school and/or the 21st century workplace. Click here for more.


Today's journey to college is one heck of a schlep. We guide high school,  transfer, and grad students through every step of the college admissions process.  What distinguishes us is our student-centered approach and commitment to finding the best-fit schools for each individual we serve. 



In addition to working with individuals, we create and deliver customized programs for public/private/charter schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and corporate/business EAP and employee programs. Click on one of the orange buttons to learn more.





"Roberta and Joan have provided the single-most critical guidance for our 20-something son as he transitioned from college to his career as a filmmaker. Faced with so many ways into the business, they showed him how to pinpoint the path best suited to his singular talents, ambitions and character. With patience and unwavering - but realistic - support, they have helped him to define his goals and to develop the precise skills he needs to reach them."

-Sandra and Doug

Parents of a 20-something filmmaker

"So happy to recommend you; we are crazy about you and think you're super talented."

-Gina, mother of Jet

Cal Poly Pomona

Class of 2019

"What is cool and impressive is your commitment to the kids and caring about them."


-Jan, mother of Jake

Taking a gap year

"Thank you for helping me to receive the opportunity to go to such a great school.  I appreciate your help more than you know!"


UC Berkeley

Class of 2020


"Thank you for all of your help and support.  I would never have been able to do it without you."



University of Pennsylvania

Class of 2021


"The BIGGEST heartfelt thank you.  We dropped our daughter off at college today.  University of Hartford.  FULL RIDE.  We truly believe that the help you provided her with was a significant part of this achievement."


-Tom and Cristina,

parents of Ruby

University of Hartford

Class of 2019


"I got into UCLA!!!  I want to say thank you.  I couldn't have done it without you."



Transfer to UCLA

Class of 2018


"My son applied to 13 schools.  EVERY letter referenced what a great essay he had.  I know if he hadn't worked with College Fit 360, that wouldn't be the case."


-Shari, mother of William

Washington University in St. Louis

Class of 2019

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