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The Bill of Wrongs: 10 Things That Should Absolutely, Positively NEVER Influence Your College Choic

News flash: When it comes to college, one size does not fit all. A "great" college isn't great unless it's a place where you can be yourself and thrive--but you'd never know that from the random way many people develop their college lists.

So, seriously, don't let stuff like this get in the way:

  1. Where your parents went to school

  2. Where your bf/gf/ or bff is going

  3. Anything US News has to say on the subject

  4. How pretty the campus looks in the brochure

  5. That it's located in a place that's fun to visit

  6. It's a party school

  7. It has a totally awesome football team

  8. You've always wanted to go there

  9. You've never heard of it

  10. Your uncle, next door neighbor, and the Fedex guy have never heard of it

Going to college is a student's first step into adulthood, and informs much of what comes after. Make sure the college experience is a great one by dumping your preconceived notions, exploring all the options, and finding the best fit.

What do you think students should think about in creating their college lists?

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