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Make Your Summer Plans Now

One key opportunity for making yourself a competitive college applicant is using your summer breaks as a time for academic enrichment. Virtually every college in the country offers high school students a chance to study on its campus, and it seems as if applications for 2022 summer programs have been posted earlier than usual this year.

Pre-college programs come in a myriad of flavors: both free and pricey (although many offer financial aid), one week to an entire summer, commuter and residential, and covering a broad range of subject matter. Some of these programs have early deadlines, so get going now!

What follows is a small sampling of programs scheduled to take place this summer in California:

UCI Summer Surgery Program

Exposes students to live surgery, teaches surgical skills, stimulates interest in medicine.

UC Irvine

COSMOS California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science

An intensive four-week residential program for students with an aptitude for STEM.

Available at UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Cruz.

Summer of Art

Four weeks of an immersive, collegiate-level creative curriculum.

Otis College of Art and Design

EPIC Summer Camp Engineering Possibilities in College

A five-day residential program exploring the many career opportunities for engineers including engineering classes, speakers, and projects.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Summer Research Academies

Students earn college credits in a four-week course in which they take part in project-based, directed research in STEM, Humanities, and the Social Sciences.

UC Santa Barbara

Introduction to College Writing

Participating in-person or virtually, students in this three-week program will learn to write at the college level.


California State Summer School for the Arts

Rigorous, pre-professional training in the fields of animation, dance, film, music, visual arts, theater, or writing. A four-week residential program in which students earn college credit.

Cal Arts

Annenberg Youth Academy for Media and Civic Engagement

A four-week program in which students will be exposed to first-year college-level courses in media communication and journalism topics.


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