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How Juniors Should Spend Their Winter Break

Students have begun or will shortly begin their winter break from school. Use this time wisely. Keep juniors busy for the remainder of the year with these tasks:

  • Figure out her Test Strategy - If she hasn't already, it's time to choose between the SAT and ACT tests. She should take practice tests to see which one she does best on, then commit to it.

  • Test Registration - Juniors should be preparing to take an SAT or ACT test a couple of times in the coming semester. They should familiarize themselves with the test dates and register as soon as they can. If they are taking the SAT in January, they have until December 21 to register.

  • Test Prep - Start preparing for the test they choose. There are any number of test prep options; they should pick one and get going.

  • Plan for Summer - The summer after junior year is an important time for rising seniors to spend productively. Now is the time for them to start exploring their options as some of the coolest programs are booked up within the first few months of the year.

Below are the spring semester test dates. SAT Subject Tests will be offered on all dates except March 11. ACT: February 11, April 8, June 10 SAT: January 21, March 11, May 6, June 3

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