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6 Cool Things You Didn't Know About ASU

After a recent meeting with one of its admissions officers, we are officially crushing on ASU. Here's why:

  1. They view themselves as being in the business of accepting students, not denying them. EVERY STUDENT WHO MEETS THE UNIVERSITY'S GENERAL REQUIREMENTS IS AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTED. Genius!

  2. Number of impacted majors: Zero

  3. They guarantee that students can graduate in 4 years.

  4. You can live on any of their 4 Phoenix-area campuses, each of which provides a unique vibe: the giant state school, suburban polytechnic college, downtown pre-professional school, and small liberal arts campus.

  5. Because there are no other major colleges nearby, ASU students do not have to compete with other university students for internship opportunities and jobs.

  6. Football and basketball tickets are included in the price of tuition.

So we beseech you to consider adding ASU to your list. We will definitely be recommending it to our students

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