So Much for a Useless Degree

March 8, 2018


In our ongoing effort to bring comfort to parents who fear that pursuing a liberal arts degree will amass loads of debt and not prepare their children for anything other than a career as a barista, we offer the following bit of reassurance:  there are any number of paths that lead to success.


So console yourselves, moms and dads--plenty of captains of industry, including those in the tech world, have managed to make something of themselves despite their useless degrees.  Feast your eyes on a few examples:

YouTube (CEO)                           
History and Literature

YouTube (Co-Founder)          
Fine Arts

Netflix (Co-Founder)              

Groupon (Founder)                  

HBO (CEO)                                  

Marriott Hotels (Founder)  
History and Political Science

Southwest Airlines (Founder)       

Chipotle (CEO)                                      
Art History

Hewlett-Packard (Former CEO)   
Medieval History and Philosophy

Xerox (Former CEO)                    
English and Journalism

Kraft Foods (CEO)                       

American Express (CEO)            

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