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It's Worth the Wait

As the final wave of acceptances roll in, the possibility of being wait-listed at a school you want to attend is worth preparing for. Here are some tips to keep you sane:

1. Don’t panic. If your list included a variety of good fit schools for you, you should have other options.This is why we advise students to only put schools on the list that they genuinely want to attend. 2. If you are still interested in the school, let them know you accept the spot on the wait listthat’s been offered. At the same time, let your admissions rep know that the school continues to be your top choice. If you have some additional positive information to provide (higher grades, awards, etc.) this is the time to do it. 3. See if you can get information on the size of the wait list and your position on it. This will give you a sense of whether or not the odds are in your favor. 4. Do not be a wait list stalker. Once you’ve reiterated your interest and provided additional information, you’ve done your best. 5. Reserve a place for yourself at a school that’s accepted you. Make sure that you have options for the fall. The deposit is usually low enough to make this doable.

6. If you get into a school off the wait list, let other schools know of your decision – that way other folks like you have a chance of getting the space you relinquish.

The wait list is a fact of life. With proper planning, you can handle being on it and perhaps getting off it

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