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How To Know What You Need To Know

They know that they're supposed to do research, but many students are unsure about exactly what to look for as they explore a college. Try to answer the following NINE questions as you do your research. Chances are, if you can answer them, you have done your job. 1. What academic programs or majors does the school offer that match up with your interests and aspirations? (Details, please!!!) 2. What two courses offered at this school would you like to take and why? 3. What three clubs or activities might you join at this school and why? 4. What is the average class size at this school? 5. Are most courses taught by professors rather than assistants? 6. Does this school offer merit aid as well as need-based aid? 7. What is this school’s reputation? 8. What type of student is this school looking for? (Hint: check their mission statement) 9. If an admissions officer asked you why you wanted to attend their school, what would you say?

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