What to Ask When You Want to Defer

May 13, 2020


If you're a graduating senior in this uncertain environment, you're probably trying to figure out a plan for the fall. Some colleges have committed to online instruction but many are still up in the air. If the idea of deferring for a year has crossed your mind, it's time for a chat with the admissions folks at the school you want to attend. Here's what to ask:


Will you open up for fall?   Spring?  When will you announce your plans?

Can I defer enrollment?


What are the steps required to secure deferral?  Forms to fill out?


When is a deferral request due?


Can I take a full slate of community college classes while deferred?


Can I come back after that deferred year as a sophomore?


Is there a limit to how many community college classes I can take before I would have to reapply as a transfer?


Will my financial aid package remain unchanged?


Will my status as an athlete, member of an honors college or any other unique program remain unchanged if I defer?


If I attend college remotely in the fall, what will the cost be? 


If you will be holding classes remotely, can I apply my full fi