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17 Questions to Ask Before You Return to Campus This Fall

While it is still uncertain if things will go according to plan, most colleges have announced that they plan to welcome students back to campus in the fall. Before you/your child makes a decision about whether to return, you should ask a few questions first:

  1. Will masks be mandatory? Both inside and outside?

  2. How will you deal with social distancing in the classroom?

  3. What will the consequence be for violating the social distancing/face covering policy, if any?

  4. How often will classrooms and lab spaces be cleaned?

  5. What is your plan for testing students, faculty, and staff? Do you plan to have temperature checks or other screens in place?

  6. How will dining halls, libraries, and other public spaces be organized to be safe?

  7. How will the dorms be impacted?

  8. What will you do if a student tests positive for COVID-19?

  9. How will you be offering classes—on campus, online, hybrid?

  10. Will students have the option of taking classes online if they feel unsafe on campus?

  11. What will your policy be regarding gap years?

  12. Will I be able to take community college classes during a gap year?

  13. Will there be a tuition decrease?

  14. How will financial aid be impacted?

  15. What if my work-study job is no longer available?

  16. What social or extracurricular opportunities will be available to students?

  17. What services will be available to help students find virtual or in-person internships or jobs during the pandemic?

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