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Picking The Right Classes To Be College-Ready Part 2

UC, CSU, A-G. These are three sets of letters you will want to become familiar with if you have or are a student looking to be college-ready in California.

California has two public four-year college systems--the University of California (UC) system and the California State University (CSU) system. For entrance, both require students to complete with a grade of "C" or better 15 college-prep courses, known as the "a-g" subject requirements.*

Here's the overview:

A. History/social science 2 years

B. English 4 years

C. Mathematics 3 years (Both UC and CSU recommend 4 years)

D. Laboratory science 2 years (UC recommends 3 years)

E. Foreign language 2 years (UC recommends 3 years)

F. Visual and performing arts 1 year

G. College prep elective 1 year

Be aware that not all high schools' graduation requirements match up with these college entrance requirements. Is your student taking the courses necessary to meet the UC and CSU entrance requirements?

Please let us know if we can help your student with his/her academic planning.

*The state's high schools must get approval of their specific a-g course offerings. Please note that in the History/social science and Laboratory science areas, there are differences in specific course offerings that qualify respectively for UC and CSU schools.

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